Monday, September 1, 2008

Prayer Requests & Praises Today

My father-in-law Tom Wooten

Tom has had various cancer issues over the past couple of years. He has undergone chemo-therapy and radiation treatments - several rounds. He and his wife, Betty came to visit us earlier this summer, just before we left to go to the CCHS conference in Orlando. During that trip, Tom got very sick. With treatment, he got well enough to return to some of his regular activities around the house. And he would call and talk to James or me pretty much every day. That ended a few days ago abruptly. We got worried. When we called to check on him, we learned that Tom had a couple of new problems - along with chemo making him sick again. He had pulled hard on the lawn mower cord and strained something in his upper arm/chest area. And his leg had become very swollen and painful - doctors thought that was phlebitis (inflammation of a vein). He got to feeling so bad that he couldn't bare to talk on the phone or move about. Finally, today, James' mother had to take Tom to the Emergency Room. She called us this afternoon to tell us they were going to admit him to the hospital.

Tom is at Medical Center Hospital in Room 546.

My great-uncle, Horace Day
He was taken by Ambulance from Andrews (where he lives) to a hospital in Odessa, with severe chest pains. An EKG showed that his heart was ok, an angiogram was done which showed a 50 percent blockage - not bad enough to cause the chest pains. A sonogram of his gall bladder showed an abnormality, and surgery was scheduled to remove it. But a CT scan done the night before the surgery was to happen, showed his gall bladder was enlarged and there is a mass around his pancreas that is pushing against his small intestine. He also has a little pneumonia in his left lung. Doctors are afraid the mass is cancer - and if so, there may not be much they can do to save his life. They are planning to do exploratory surgery on him tomorrow (Tuesday). We should know more after that.

Horace is at Odessa Regional Hospital, East Campus, CCU, Room 3

The Sewell & Swindall Families
30-year-old James Lee Sewell of Odessa, 30-year-old Jodie Elaine Sewell of Brownwood and 22-year-old Tyler Heath Swindall of Brownwood died in a head-on wreck in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 31st in Odessa. James Sewell is the uncle of my husband's nephew's wife (Christy Wooten). Our condolences to Christy and her family in their time of loss.

Those affected by Hurricane Gustav
We, like many of you, have friends or loved ones who are experiencing the damages winds and rains of Hurricane Gustav as it makes it's way up into Louisiana and heads toward Texas. Thankfully, so far, it looks like the preparations made and Gustav's weakening before it came on-land are meaning far less damage than was feared. We give God the praise for keeping so many safe!

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