Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Watching Out For Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike has the potential to be a big, nasty monster storm. And it appears to be headed straight for us here in South Texas.

United States - live satellite loop

How strong is Hurricane Ike now?
Where is it now? Where is it projected to go next?

Corpus Christi, Texas - live weather radar

San Antonio, Texas - live still pictures

We just learned that schools in our area will be releasing early due to hurricane evacuations.

My father-in-law is feeling up to going home from the hospital. That doesn't mean the cancer is getting any better - just that the pain is lessened. Meanwhile, two of James' sisters are in Odessa visiting. So, James wanted us to plan another trip back to Odessa this weekend, but I am worried about our weather and traffic on the highways. So, we will be keeping an especially close eye on this storm to decide what we should do.

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