Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Health Updates: Josh, My Great Uncle & My Father-in-Law

Joshua's school nurse said he looked a little puny through lunchtime Tuesday, then perked up and his temperature came back down. He got home and worked on homework for hours. He ate well and fell asleep early on the couch watching TV. I woke him so his nurse could help him get ready for bed last night. She changed his trach (and it was pretty clogged at the end) and he got a very good night's sleep. His temperature was back under 98 this morning. And he is off to school.

The latest news on my great uncle, Horace Day, is not good. He underwent exploratory surgery Tuesday. Doctors found that the mass around his pancreas is malignant cancer. They say there are no treatment options for him. He knows the news and has said he is ready for Jesus to take him home to heaven. Of course the family is sadden at the thought of losing him, but glad he will not be suffering long. I believe there are plans to transfer both my great uncle and great aunt to a nursing home in Andrews in a few days. My great aunt is suffering from Alzheimer's and needs to have someone help watch over her. Please continue to pray for the family for peace and comfort. Thanks!

We are still awaiting word on test results for my father-in-law, Tom Wooten. He saw several doctors Tuesday, but all were waiting for results from the catscan, etc. to come back before making any decisions. Doctors did give Tom some very strong pain medicine to allow him to get some sleep. That gave his wife, Betty a chance to go home and get some rest as well. She was having to help him to even sit up in bed. Betty was to have surgery on her feet this Friday, but had to postpone it so she could be with Tom in the hospital. Please keep both of them in prayer as well, and I'll update everyone as we get more information.

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