Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday Fun

We started off our Labor Day weekend with some rest and some fun!

All this past week, since school got underway again, we have been having to get up at like 5:30AM. So Saturday, we slept in until about 10AM. It was great!

Then we lazied around the house until about 12:40, when we needed to take Steffany to the church for a back to school swim party. When we got her there, the youth leader and his wife invited us to come along.

We had a few things to get from a violin shop in New Braunfels Steffany would need for school Tuesday. We had to get them before Duckworth's closed at 3PM. So we said we would do that and run into Walmart for a few things; then come back and join them for the pool party. That would also give Steff a chance to hang out without her whole family tagging along!

While in Walmart, we picked up our licenses: James - hunting & fishing (the works), Josh - hunting (cause he's too young to need a fishing license), and me - all water fishing. I like to fish; but I don't have any desire to hunt. But we did hunt for school supplies for Steff in Walmart. We just didn't find much - that store had been cleaned out of spirals and paper and so forth. We ended up finding a much better selection of school supplies at Walgreens later in the day.

We did manage to find the pool where the youth swim party was going on at the Forest Waters Club in Garden Ridge. Wow, that place is nice! The swimming pool is inside a greenhouse type building with a roof for shade over some of the pool. There were window doors you could open onto a huge deck area with tables and chairs. The club also had a small lake and a pond. Oh, the pool was a salt pool - no chlorine. Very nice! Josh even got in and threw a football and basketball around. He was very careful not to get his neck submerged, careful of his trach. But I think we all had fun. And, we got to enjoy hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and sodas that the youth pastor brought along!

Then, that evening, we decided to go see a movie at the Rialto Theater. It is the movie theater in San Antonio where they have tables right in front of your seats in the theater and waiters come and take your food and drink orders before the movie starts. Then they bring it all to you during the movie. We decided to eat dinner there this time. James, Josh and I had the chicken fried steak and Steff ordered a pepperoni pizza with ranch dressing to dip it in. It was all good, but James decided the food didn't settle well with him.
We watched Star Wars Clone Wars. It wasn't really the movie James or Steff (or even I) would have wanted to go see the most. But Josh was excited about it, so we gave in and went to see it. It is an animated version and starts off fairly slow. But it has some cute characters and a decent storyline. We actually enjoyed it fine. But I still want to go see Tropic Thunder. :)

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