Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Houston on Hold, Josh sick and James away


As you may know, Joshua and I were to travel to Hurricane torn Houston this week so Joshua could undergo more testing - including an extensive MRI under general anesthesia. Texas Medicaid Transportation agreed to send travel money and would also pay for a motel room, HOWEVER, there was not a hotel or motel room to be found within a 60 mile radius of the city.

Speaking to the Concierge of Memorial Hermann Hospital today, she reported there are still 1 Million plus people in Houston without power, traffic lights on the blink, and the hospital full of people - some from Galveston and other areas along the Gulf coast.

Also, Joshua has come down with a head cold - a pretty nasty one. He started complaining of a sore throat on Sunday. By Monday, he was running fever and very dehydrated. I kept him home from school and had him rest and drink extra. He seemed to be doing a little better, but was still sniffy nosed and had a little fever this morning. So, made the decision to keep him home at least through Thursday of this week (his regular school nurse would be away at special classes Wednesday and Thursday - and I worried about leaving Josh, with a cold, with a nurse not familiar with him). Tonight, Joshua's blood oxygen level dropped some and we had to put him on oxygen. I pray that does not mean he is developing pneumonia. Anyway, his cold helped me arrive at the decision NOT to go to Houston this week - but to wait and reschedule.

I let the hospital and Texas Medicaid Transportation know we would not be able to go now. The tests have now been rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday before Christmas.

Meanwhile, we said goodbye to James today. He drove to Odessa to stay with his parents and work out of the Odessa office a couple of weeks. James wanted to spend as much time as he could with his dad - especially since doctors have indicated his cancer is spreading despite the chemo he was receiving. They think he will not survive to much longer. But he says he feels better than you would believe right now. Which is good, because maybe that will give James and his dad some time to do fun things together when James is not away working. I'm just afraid two weeks will go by so quickly and he will not want to have to leave his dad when the time comes.

Please keep James and his dad and Josh all in your prayers. I pray that God will decide to touch Tom and heal him of his cancer. I also pray that God will help doctors find a cure for Joshua - and soon. I pray for peace and understanding for James and me. And that God will lead us in each decision we make, so we do the right things.

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