Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good afternoon and welcome to this edition of V Wooten World News....

Looking out our kitchen window, the weather looks lovely and warm...

Just days ago, Hurricane Ike was predicted to make landfall near Corpus Christi which would have had it moving through our area. If that had held true, looking out our window today, we would have seen storm clouds, lots of rain and probably some wind damage.

But the storm changed course, and Ike ended up making landfall near Galveston and moving through the Houston area overnight.

Today, we have been worrying about the family members we have in that area as we watched the damage reports. Here are some pictures and videos:

In other news...

My great uncle Horace Day, who had been diagnosed weeks ago
with terminal pancreatic cancer, passed away just after noon today.
The family is making funeral arrangements for him in Andrews.
Horace was 84. Luckily, we got a chance to see Uncle Horace
last weekend when we visited Odessa.

While we are saddened at his loss, we realize he lived
a very full and happy life and are comforted to know
he is now in heaven.

Inside our garage today, James is busy under our old van.

James is busy attempting to get our old van in good working order so he might be able to use it to drive back and forth to Odessa. His work is allowing him to transfer for a couple of weeks to the Odessa office so he can be close to his parents now that doctors feel James' dad will not be able to beat the cancer growing in him. James has gotten the van inspected. Now he is trying to tune it up and fix the air conditioning, etc.

Keep James in your prayers - he is having the hardest time getting the spark plugs to come loose!

Meanwhile, Joshua has been on the run today - around our neighborhood - looking for anyone who would like to buy items from his school fundraiser.

Even if you don't live nearby to have Joshua come knocking at your door.. you can help him out with his fundraiser. He is signed up online to sell items to anyone with internet access - that means you!

Joshua's request


Would you please help me with my school fundraiser.

I want to win a prize and help my school.




Barbara Jordan Intermediate is having a fundraiser.

You can shop online at http://www.%20fundraisersetc.%20com/store/brochures.%20php?sID=jor3933

The group receives profit from the sale and the seller will receive prize credits.

Enter the seller ID below to begin.

Seller: Joshua Wooten

Seller ID: jor3933

Thank you for your support.

If the link above does not work,
please use the following link
and enter the seller ID:

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