Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joshua's Birthday and a Car Wreck!

Joshua had two special guests for lunch to celebrate his birthday
- his dad and a Cibolo Police Officer
(who brought along a McDonalds Happy Meal and a Cake)

Josh was a little late getting home from school Friday.
His bus driver explained that they had a little party on the bus
for him (and for her - her birthday was on Thursday).
She even brought me out a slice of cake.

Josh had another cake waiting for him at the Weavers'
(the elderly couple I take care of). It was Angelfood with
lemon pudding filling - yum! I took Josh and Steff over there
when they got home from school to share the cake with the
Weavers. The kids brought their instruments over and played
a little concert for them. It was so sweet. Josh playing
Three Blind Mice for them on the bells and Steffany playing
a bit more complex an arrangement (I'm not sure what the
name of the tune is) for them on her violin.

We also got the lift on the van on Joshua's birthday, Friday.
Josh and I had to go to their office - driving in the old van
with no a/c and it running really rough - so they could put
straps onto Joshua's ventilator cart to make sure the lift
would work with it. Then, we drove the old van back home.
A few minutes later, the guys at the shop drove our newer
van home for us - all fixed up with the lift!
I'll share pictures of it at the end of this post.
(Josh can load and unload his vent all by himself now!!!)

Joshua and I had to be to Steele High School by 10AM
because he wanted to join with his class in setting free
the frog and tadpoles they have been studying in Science.

It was so cute to see the little kids barefooted walking down
to the pond behind the teacher through grass taller than their
heads on a little path the teacher had made for them before we
got there. All the kids were excited to participate. The teacher
took a picture of everybody out there, but I don't have a copy

Then, it was time to set up for Joshua's birthday party at the park!
We used both our vans and my sister's car to haul tables we borrowed
from our church, a van-load of balloons, etc. We were running wild
between our house, the church and the park.

When we got everything set up and the hotdogs on the grill,
my sister and Steffany went to go by the house for the cake
and ice cream and to let Steff change into shorts. Then,
they had to go pick up my sister's boyfriend from class.
They were on their way back to the park - almost there - when
I got a call from my sister's boyfriend - they had been in a car wreck!
It happened not a block from the park - but none of us had seen or
heard anything. My sister pulled out in front of a car they had not
seen - it had been around a curve and coming a bit too fast. It struck
my sister's car in the driver's side back door - where my daughter,
Steffany was sitting. All three of them were shaken up. Steffany
had a bump on the head. She said she had a headache but was okay.
They all refused any medical treatment. And everyone in the other
car was just fine. But there was some question as to whether they
had insurance.

Since the cake and ice cream was with them in the car,
the kids at the party had to wait a while longer than expected to eat it.

But we managed to get all the treats delivered, and everybody had a
great time. His cake was a little shaken off it's foundation - from the
car wreck - but was still delicious!

The kids played baseball for about an hour, devoured
their hotdogs and chips, played baseball a bit longer, sang to Josh,
ate cake and ice cream, watched Josh open a few gifts. Then they
took turns hitting a baseball pinata with a baseball bat.

Then, they headed off to a game of football.
Moms had to come pry their kids away.

When we got home from the party, Josh unloaded his own
ventilator cart out of the van - with our new lift - see:

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