Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weather Changes

We went from Summer to Winter here in Central Texas Tuesday

On the way home from work about 2PM, the thermometer in my van read "83 degrees"

The wind was picking up and clouds moved in..

Pulling in to the garage, the temperature had dropped to "79 degrees"

Josh got home from school and it felt cooler but very comfortable outside - probably about 72 degrees..

We stayed in the house doing homework then watched "Horton Hears a Who" on DVD.

But the wind was really whipping things around by then... knocking down some plastic trees I had sitting on the front porch, so I finally brought them inside.

When Joshua's nurse left to go home at 5:30PM, she was glad she had brought her jacket. It was probably 60 degrees by then.

I got busy working on cleaning Joshua's room. I spent probably three or more hours in there. When Joshua's night nurse arrived at 9PM, she said it felt like it was freezing outside.

She and Joshua watched the Spurs play ... the game went into double overtime before they finally won the game - yay!!!

During the game, though, we heard thunder and freezing rain hitting the house - wow!

My sister's boyfriend came by during the game and when he left after it was over, he said there was ice on his car.

This morning when we woke up and turned on the tv, we saw that it had snowed in our viewing area - in Boerne and parts of the hill country.

Behind our house, we even found evidence of small accumulations of ice this morning.

It is hard to believe that it was so hot yesterday that we were running our air conditioners and now we are seeing ice and snow in the area!

Tomorrow, it is supposed to get down into the 20's .... brrrrr!


Haven said...

I love the write up. Haven was looking at it with me and she loved the Horton preview! I can't believe it was over 80 degrees and then snowing and ice! I have never understood Texas and the weather there! Just crazy - try to stay warm. We love the snowman!

Vanessa Wooten said...

We loved Horton, too. And can you believe it was back up to near 70 degrees again today. It was very beautiful weather. We went looking at apartments with my sister. She wants to get her own place now that she is graduating college and has an offer for a great new job.

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