Monday, December 22, 2008

Amanda's Graduation

My baby sister, Amanda just reached a major milestone in her life. We are very proud of her for earning her bachelor's degree in business finance from the University of Texas San Antonio with honors!

Our Aunt Ann and Uncle Albert flew in from Chicago to be here for the graduation ceremonies. And our parents drove in from Odessa.

The first ceremony was for the honors college - held on Friday. Amanda could invite up to 25 people to this event. But those of us in attendance were our parents, aunt, uncle, Steffany, Joshua and her boyfriend, Nick. James had to work.

The second ceremony on Saturday was the official commencement ceremony. Amanda could only invite 8 people to this event, and tickets were an absolute neccessity. James came to this one and Steffany stayed home to decorate the house in preparation for the reception party we were holding for Amanda.

Steffany did a great job decorating. She is quite the artist in our family.

We had lots of food and a great big cake. We didn't have a very large turnout - since it was the weekend before Christmas and nearly everyone we knew was either working, traveling or making last minute preparations for Christmas. But of course, that meant more food we had to eat :)

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