Monday, December 8, 2008

School Bus Collision

We are praising God for watching over Joshua and his medical equipment.

Friday morning, Joshua's bus arrived at his school. Joshua and his bus driver got off the bus as usual. But before his nurse could get down the steps, another bus rolled up and struck their bus from behind.

A bus aide was inside about to unhook Joshua's ventilator cart when the bus collision happened. She was knocked down and hurt - but we understand she will be okay.

Joshua's nurse, who was coming down the bus steps was also knocked down. She was hurt slightly and was quite sore over the weekend, but is doing better today.

The bus driver was standing to the side, just about to lower the wheelchair lift. She was not hurt.

And Joshua was also to the side of the bus, and was not injured at all.

His ventilator cart had not been unstrapped yet, and was also not affected.

The bus - which is very new - now has a small dent on the back, but otherwise is okay.

Joshua's nurse, Maria was hurt - but doing okay

Joshua looks at the back of his bus at the small dent left by the collision

Thank you, God for protecting Joshua and keeping everyone from being hurt badly in this freak accident!!!

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Haven said...

Wow...I'm so happy Joshua was not hurt and no one else was seriously injured. How scary!

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