Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Josh wants to give his teachers and nurses something special for Christmas.

We are on such a tight budget, though, that we are struggling just to get the kids something for Christmas without going into debt more. So, we decided to make some homemade cookies to pass out. Josh was very excited about it and we headed for Walmart this afternoon.

We bought cake mix and cookie mix and got to work right after dinner tonight. We made devil's food chocolate cookies... some with sugar coating, some with little peanut butter chips on top. And we made peanut butter with dark chocolate chips inside.

The house smells so yummy.. I just had to try one of the cookies :)

Josh decorated bags to put the cookies in.

I think they will be very happily surprised with this special gift from Josh (and me).

OK... while I had the camera out, I decided to take some pictures of our decorations around the living room and dining room....

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Haven said...

Wow Josh!!! You and mom have really gone all out with the cookies!!!! I wish I could share some with you! The house looks so beautiful and ready for Santa! :) I hope you have a great holiday!!! Really - I want some cookies! :) All our love!

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