Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nurse Drama
It seems whenever it rains, it pours. Just as school got underway this year and Josh started with his brand new one-on-one nurse at school, something happened and she had to resign (not sure why). So, Josh was back with his old nurse (who just happens to also be the school nurse - the one assigned to all the students not just him anymore). Then this week, he was scheduled to have a substitute nurse as an interim until a new one-on-one nurse could be hired and trained.

Meanwhile, Joshua's main daytime nurse at home was beginning school, too. But her schedule got turned upside down. And Joshua's main nighttime nurse was on vacation the first week of school, so his only other nurse (who usually works weekend nights and an occasional afternoon was trying to help pick up the slack. But her hours were piling up fast, and the company cannot allow that much overtime. So, by the latter part of the week, it looked like we would be spending some time with no nurse at all. I think it ended up only being one afternoon and one evening that we were without, so it's not too bad. Then, we had a new nurse coming to be trained as a backup over the weekend.

Josh sick?
Just when the training was in full force, Joshua started having problems with his oxygen and carbon dioxide. He had a rough night Saturday night, but still got up and went to Sunday school and church Sunday morning. But by Sunday night, his temperature had gone up to 101 and he had to have his trach changed because it was so clogged up. Monday morning, his temperature was still up and he hadn't gotten nearly enough sleep, so I kept him home from school. I really didn't want him going to school in this condition with a nurse who barely knew him anyway. He slept till 10AM Monday, then fell back asleep about 3:45 and slept all the way through till 8:45PM.

His temperature was elevated a little Monday night, but wasn't nearly as bad. He got much more sleep. But he wasn't able to go back to school just yet.

Dr. Appt - Can't Use Pacers Yet
Tuesday, we had an appointment with his lung doctor. We were hoping this would be the day he could start using his new breathing pacemakers. But the doctor - who has not had any patients with those type pacemakers before - did not feel he was quite ready to move forward. He wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with the reps from the pacer company first. He mentioned he'd even like his staff to get an "in service" training session so others could help us if we had a question. So, he promises to call us soon to get us started. The doctor also mentioned a possible scenario for starting the pacers on Josh might include having him in the hospital for observation as we got started, so we could figure how long to let them go to begin with before putting him back on the ventilator. I'm not sure that is how he will do it, but could be a possibility.

Job Search Continues
I've been spending a great deal of my time searching for jobs to apply for. I even got called in to interview at one place. It sounded very promising and would have me starting very soon. They were supposed to call me on Friday and the new person would start training on Monday. Well, Friday came and no call. Monday came and went and no call. And now Tuesday is gone without a word from them. I think it is safe to say I didn't get the job. But I haven't let it get me down - too much. I'm searching and tweaking my resume and filling out applications galore. I'd love something that challenges me and is close by. If I didn't have to travel I-35 or some other freeway to get there, that would just be icing on the cake. So far, I haven't gotten another call back, so I guess only God knows what His plan is for me - at least so far.

House Still for Sale

Yes, our house is still on the market
, though right now it could pass as a baby boutique (with lots of items I've been given for Steffany's yet unborn baby). I need to find better places to store some things. And I need to do another thorough cleaning. It is a bit hard to get motivated, though, since we haven't had a single person in to look in over a week. If you'd like to see it, here a link to it online: HOUSE FOR SALE

Well, I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I guess that is my cue to wrap this up and go to bed. Good night and God bless you!

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