Saturday, September 19, 2009

Joshua's 13th Birthday (pre-party)

That's right, Josh is now 13!
He loves to read every single card or letter he recieves ~ thanks everyone who has sent him one!!!
Weiner dogs like the one on this card really make him smile!
Love them Grandmas :)
Josh got a box full of goodies today at the post office.
They come from a special group: Aspen Dental from Syracuse, New York
here's a GREAT BIG THANKS TO the folks from ASPEN DENTAL!!!!
You guys really went over the top for Josh with all these gifts below:
Spurs Wall Clock
Spurs Trash Can (and notice the toothbrushes)
A Spurs Penant
A Dallas Cowboys blanket and Hat
an issue of Sports Illustrated from January 24, 1972
featuring the Dallas Cowboys WOW!!

and a huge thanks to HEB for donating a full sheet sized cake for Josh's birthday party!!!!
Amanda and Nurse Nancy fixed Josh up with some stuff for his Wii
(Nurse Nancy even made the calls to arrange for the cake, several pizzas from Papa John's and a dozen balloons from Party City - Nancy is one sweet nurse!!!!!!)
Amanda got Josh this fishing game for Josh

this was Josh the day before his birthday... sleeping on the couch for several hours... he had to really gear up for his big day, you know!

His party is tonight from 5-7 at Neimeitz Park in Cibolo. He already has footballs, baseballs, basketball and even frisbee ready to take over to play with his guests with. I'll update with pictures from the party, etc. later.

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Wenni Donna said...

Wow, this is so lovely 13th Birthday (pre-party). At some local NYC venues we also would be attending a grand birthday bash that is going to be held for my cousin. He will turn 17 soon and his siblings are throwing a surprise party for him. We are just super excited for this bash.

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