Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moving Day for Daughter

September 15, 2009

My daughter has been married one month this day!
We're still waiting on all those professional pictures to be edited and ready for us :( I can't wait to get them... but I guess I'll have to.

On this day, even though Steff was sick with a respiratory infection not to mention being 5 months pregnant, it was when she and new hubby Bryan were to move into their new apartment.

She decided she kind of needed her Mom to help out (smile). So, Josh, his nurse and I drove over to lend a hand.

We stayed busy for hours carrying stuff down from the upstairs apartment to the new place.

We didn't finish everything that first day, so the next morning, I came over again (after Josh went to school). I worked on scrubbing the kitchen and shampooing the carpets in the old upstairs apartment. And together, Steff and I got their new place a bit more organized.

Here's a quick glance at her new home:

check out that baby bump!!!!

living room


After we called it a day, I took Steff to lunch....

her choice.... McDonalds

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