Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Test Results, Doctor Appts & House Fix-Ups

We have begun hearing some results from the tests Joshua underwent in Houston just before Christmas. So far we know from the MRI that all of Joshua's sinuses show inflammation. His doctors want to rule out Cystic Fibrosis which is sometimes seen in that type of sinusitis (inflammation). They don't think CF is likely, though, because Joshua doesn't have the other characteristics, but they do want to rule it out completely. To do that, Joshua will need to have a "sweat chloride test" which takes about 30-45 minutes and all Joshua has to do is sit there while they colect sweat from his arm. That test will be done here locally. We'll talk to Joshua's pulmonologist here to get him scheduled for that test.

They also want Joshua to take an antibiotic to treat the sinusitis. He will take Zithromax for a couple of weeks for that.

The doctors are still pouring over the MRI results so we may learn more about their findings soon.

Joshua's pulmonary function tests showed evidence of airway obstruction so the doctors want to start him on a corticosteroid - Flovent - an inhaler. He will take 2 puffs a day.

That is all we know so far, but we do expect to hear results from the heart holter monitor when we see Joshua's cardiologist today.

Joshua will see his endocrinologist tomorrow (Wednesday).

He has been waking up with unusually high temperatures yesterday and today (100.6 and 100.1 respectively). He said his stomach hurt yesterday but only complained about it as he was stepping onto the bus and during the early morning at school. I took some antacid to school for him to take. And his school nurse thought he might be stressing over an incident that happened Friday at school.

Apparently Joshua misunderstood what problems he was supposed to complete during a math quiz. His teacher wanted him to come in during lunch recess to finish the problems he didn't do during class. But Joshua did not want to miss recess (he doesn't get much of a chance to play with other kids his age except for during recess at school). They told him they'd let him go to recess Friday, but he would have to stay in Monday to do those problems - and Joshua was not very happy about it.

I didn't know any of that had happened until after Joshua got to school Monday, when his nurse was trying to figure out why Joshua might be having tummy troubles.

By Monday afternoon, Joshua seemed happier and his tummy was happier too. I told Joshua that I was not mad at him - especially because all the problems he did do during class on Friday, he got correct. That is a great feat for Joshua. I just told him we needed to figure some way for him to do good work but not to miss his only chance to play, too. Josh acted like he was very worried he was in trouble with me over the incident. But he was very relieved when I told him I wasn't mad at him.

Despite his elevated temperature this morning, he did not complain of any pain this time. The only trouble we had today was his bus's hydraulic lift (to get his ventilator cart on the bus) quit working and the wind was blowing and very cold. His bus driver, bus aide and I were feverishly trying to get it to lift up and stow it away, but were not having much luck. Finally, a neighbor (waiting to drive down the street) got out of his car and came and helped us. Thank you God for our kind hearted neighbor!!!

(check back soon for pictures to go with all or at least most of these projects below)

Meanwhile, we are still working on getting our house ready for the market. Here are some of the projects we've been working on:

Changed our cheap broken plastic mini-blinds for nice 2-inch faux wood blinds

Changed out our brass light fixtures to brushed nickel ones

moved our desk and other office furniture up into our sitting area of our bedroom

and moved our dining table from the kitchen to the formal dining area - even bought a nice table cloth, table runner, place mats and napkins

added pretty nickel finished knobs to the kitchen cabinets

gave away a porch swing frame and a trampoline

power washed the concrete driveway and porch and the wood deck

taped a nice pattern on the front porch where I will apply a rose colored stain

changed a flat mirror in our master bathroom out and finally replaced it with a nice big medicine cabinet - that sits up flush to the wall - James did such a nice job on that!!!

changed out our brass colored door knobs for nickel finished ones

bought touch up paint and new faucets for our bathrooms

and we met with a realtor - Steve White - who happens to be a dear friend of ours from church. He went over all our options with us and gave us paperwork to fill out about all the features in our home.

oh, I also sent Steff and a friend to pick up moving boxes from three different homes. They came back with two van loads of boxes, wrapping paper and three rolls of packing tape! So we will be very busy for at least another couple of weeks getting everything finished up and packed up so we can sell this place. I'm so ready to get into a nice one-story home that we can start to fix up for us!

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