Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Aching Back

I finally gave in and went to see my doctor today about my aching back. It hurt the most as we were leaving a New Year's party and then the weekend following that. It seemed like it was getting a bit better, but I could still feel tightness and pain running down my right leg.

So, the doctor examined me and sent me down the hall for xrays of my back. He found that most of my vertebraes look fine... but one near my tailbone doesn't have enough space for the disc like it should. That probably means I have a herniated or bulging disc that is affecting a nerve that shoots pain down my leg. He prescribed a muscle relaxant and a steroid for me to take for the next week to see if it resolves the pain. If not, I go back and we schedule an MRI.

So, I need to be resting my back as much as possible which is hard for me because I have so many projects I want to be doing around the house to get it ready for sale.

Pray for me, though, because I am still working with my little elderly couple. I have to do some pushing and pulling to get her in place in her bed and in her Barton Lift chair. I have been wearing a back brace to work, though, so hopefully I'll be okay.


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