Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cardiologist Report, New Medications & Thanksgiving Photos

Joshua's appointment with the cardiologist in San Antonio was today. We discussed whether or not it would be a good idea to proceed with a heart pacemaker. She did not yet see a report from Joshua's holter monitor, but said she would definitely make sure to get the report and look it over. She said if it showed nothing - which is very possible even if he is having an occasional pause between heart beats - we would need to find some way of monitoring his heart more of the time, where we can record these pauses. So, we will talk with our medical supply companies to see if there is some machine available to help with that. If or when we discover pauses, we will address the heart pacemakers. Meanwhile, we will visit our many other doctors and plan to see the cardiologist again next year.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) Joshua sees his Endocrinologist (actually his physician assistant) to check on his growth and development and to see if any changes need to be made to his medications.

Josh started taking his antibiotic and inhaler today. Not long after his first dose, he sacked out on the couch (on the ventilator of course - and with his nurse watching him closely). He slept for about 4 hours. I'm sure, if he is fighting sinusitis, he really needed the sleep. After he woke up, his temperature was back down to 97.9. It has been running 99-100.6 the last couple of days or so.

While Joshua slept, I worked out on our front porch - staining the concrete. It is a terra cotta pink color. Remember, I taped a pattern to look like some pavers we had out front (a brick pattern). So, it is all mauve and blue on our front porch right now. The stain has to set for 24 hours before anyone steps on it or anything, so I have tape and signs up to remind people to use a different door to get in and out of the house. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

A family member today posted some pictures taken from Thanksgiving when we went to visit in Odessa. They were taken at my in-laws' home. Remember, my father-in-law, Tom has cancer and doctors didn't think he would likely last through the end of 2008. Well, as you can see in the bottom picture, he DID last. The picture was taken of him on Thanksgiving. He felt strong enough that day (with all the family around) to go with the guys and kids out to do a little target shooting! Praise God, Tom is still with us and doing okay. We still haven't heard much in the way of updates on his condition from doctors - but we are happy he seems to be doing so much better than doctors predicted back in September.

James and Vanessa Wooten

Joshua (on far right) with cousins Jonathan and Micheal

Papa Tom

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