Saturday, January 31, 2009

House Hunting and Some Prayer Requests

We have a big day ahead of us today. We are officially going house hunting with our realtor this morning. He has been sending us information on several homes that look like they might be in our price range and fit our needs. And we have driven by some and looked around the outside, but have not taken a step inside a single one yet.

There are two homes in particular that Joshua and Steffany like - mainly due to their location. They are both walking distance to Josh's school and Steffany's best friend's house. James and I like the pictures we've seen of them. They both have vaulted ceilings and fireplaces with lots of tile (okay, I'd rather have hardwood floors or at least floors that look like hardwood but I guess you can't have everything). We need to see how big the rooms are and if our stuff will fit. And we want to know if there is any major stuff we'd have to tackle with the homes.

We will also tour a few other homes in the area that we may decide we like even better, though I'm sure the kids will still rally for the ones I mentioned above simply due to their location.

Then, Joshua has a birthday party at a bowling alley on an Airforce base to attend this afternoon. He is REALLY looking forward to that. He will get a rare chance to do something fun with a friend away from school. We went to Walmart last night to pick out the gift and it is all ready and sitting on our kitchen counter right now.

But we may also be called upon today to help out more at the Weavers' home. That is the elderly couple I take care of. Their only daughter, Dee had to be at the hospital all afternoon and evening, even into the wee hours of the morning with her husband, Clarence. He had a heart catheterization last night that allowed doctors to find he is between 80 and 95 percent blocked in several places. He will require open heart surgery this morning - a triple bypass.

The kids, Josh's nurse and I went over yesterday evening and took the Weavers their dinner and hung out with them a while. Then, I got called back to help Mrs. Weaver with her bedtime needs - which has never happened before - but we made it through it all okay. I even had to get Dee to talk me through doling out all the day's worth of pills Mrs. Weaver would need for last night and today. Boy, that woman takes more pills than I've ever seen anybody take before in my life!!!!!

So, today, please say a little prayer for Clarence and Dee and the Weavers. They could really use it.

I'm taking muscle relaxers and a steroid to try and get my back to quit aching and allow the space to open up between a couple of vertebraes near my tailbone. And I've been wearing a back brace to help Mrs. Weaver move around in bed so she can use her bedpan. If all that doesn't help my back, I will have to have an MRI myself in a week or so. I'm not looking forward to that.

Oh, and speaking of MRI's. Josh's school nurse - if you recall - was hurt when JOsh's bus got run into right after he got off a little while back. Well, she has been having pain all through her arm and down her leg - lots of places. And she's had an MRI and will have another one early Monday morning. But so far, they have found that she has damage nearly to her spine and she should have surgery to correct that as soon as possible. But she wants to try and put it off until Spring Break so she won't miss days at work! I worry because if that damage somehow moves a bit closer to her spinal cord, she could be paralyzed!!!! So, pray for Nurse Maria, too, okay. I am definitely worried about her!

And as always, pray for my father-in-law, Tom. Doctors fear his cancer has spread to his brain, so he may be in his final days. This is very sad for us all but we SO don't won't him to suffer. He is such a wonderful man and we know he knows the Lord - thank God!

Oh, and I'm also praying for my parents for traveling mercies as they drive up to see my Grandma Day this weekend. She is in a nursing home and is doing pretty well considering. I sure wish I could get away to go see her, too. I really miss her.

Okay, I'd better get ready to go now. I'll take some pictures of our house hunting and probably the bowling adventure too today and share them with everyone later on!!!

Have a great day and God bless you all for keeping up with us :)

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