Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prayer Request

I'd like to ask everyone to say a prayer for my father-in-law Tom Wooten.

Tom has been suffering from cancer for some time now. Back in early September, when we last visited, his doctors informed the family his cancer was spreading despite chemo and radiation therapies. So they recommended stopping both and putting Tom in Hospice care. Doctors told us he might have three months to live.

Steffany, Tom and James from September 2008 (when we last got to go to Odessa to visit and Tom was in the hospital)

A couple of weeks later, James arranged to work out of the Odessa Fed Ex Freight office a week, so he could be close to his parents and help around their home a bit. He said his dad looked very good and was feeling well.

I last spoke to Tom on James' 40th birthday, November 13th to report on Joshua's win at Special Olympics. When I asked him how he was doing, Tom said "fair" and reported that he'd been having some good and some bad days. My mother-in-law, Betty said he was taking some kind of capsules that had seemed to help a friend who had skin cancer to recover, and they were both hopeful.

James has again arranged to work for the three days before Thanksgiving in Odessa and we had planned to take the kids out of school those days and all of us visit next week. Then, this evening, we got a call that Tom had suddenly gotten much worse, vomiting and spiking a fever of 105.2 degrees. He was being taken to a hospice house. James is at work now and fretting over whether he should leave and go to Odessa now or wait until Saturday when we planned to go.

We also have some issues with our van and finances that could use a little prayer, too.

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