Monday, November 3, 2008

My Vote

Election Day ~ November 4, 2008

This is the day we elect our next President of the United States.

Do you plan to vote?

Who will you vote for?

I already cast my ballot in early voting.

So I will not be headed to my polling place this November 4th. But as many others, I will be watching to see who ends up with the most votes and who becomes elected this year.

Even Joshua... in 5th grade... is learning in school (and at home) about politics and the election process of our next president.

Joshua tells me the person he likes best is Sarah Palin (she is actually a Vice Presidential candidate - but she speaks most like we do ~ in plain English).

Today, in Joshua's social studies homework, he had a booklet about the election process. It introduced the students to the primary process and explained it is during the party's convention that they decide what their platform will be (the position of that political party on important issues). And it asked the kids to state what issues are most important to them.

So, what issues are most important to you?

Of course most of us would say, especially since our recent "economic crisis" that the economy is up at the top of our list. Along with that goes taxes. I can't imagine too many people would be eager to pay more of their hard earned money to the government.

Another important issue to most people I've heard from is abortion and a woman's right to choose whether or not she wants to give birth to a baby she is carrying and/or the baby's right to be born.

Here in San Antonio, AKA Military town USA, a very big issue is the war in Iraq and government funding of the armed forces. How and when we should end our military's presence in Iraq and what repercussions there could be from the exit.

I am concerned with all of those and with the character of the person who will be leading our country in the years to come. I can't say that I am particularly impressed with either of the candidates in the two major parties. I am generally republican and conservative. But the man I had hoped would be our candidate was Mike Huckabee.

But since Huckabee did not become our candidate this time around, I had to look closely at the character of the other candidates. And I researched both presidential candidates of the major parties. I also prayed for guidance from God.

It was not until after the Vice Presidential nominees were chosen and I researched them that I decided who I would vote for. The person's character that I most admire and felt led to vote for is Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. I think she compliments Senator John McCain nicely.

There are many reasons I feel I made the right decision to vote for McCain and Palin. Some of them are summed up in the videos below:


Several Big Issues



Many people feel President George W Bush did a poor job as our president. I do not agree. Sure, he is not perfect and he likely made some mistakes. But I believe he did pray about his decisions and felt he was doing the right things for our country.

Regardless of who wins, we will soon be saying goodbye to President Bush

and hello to ??????????

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