Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu Frenzy

Our world today seems to be a little crazier than usual due to something called the Swine Flu.

A couple of 16 year old boys in our local high school came down with the illness and have recovered... a third was sick with it this past week. He too is recovering.

But because they all went to the same school.....

and because thousands of people were sickened from this flu in Mexico - 80 of them died of it...

our state's health department is taking some serious precautions.

First it was announced Saturday that Steele High School would be closed until further notice - at least a week.

That had me wondering if we'd have church today or not. Our pastor decided to go ahead and have services, but to announce that if anyone felt sick, they should stay home. Anyone else could decide for themselves whether or not to attend.

After church, there was a news reporter from a San Antonio tv news station at our church, wanting to interview our pastor about why he chose to have services.

On our way to lunch, we noticed that every park we passed was closed with signs posted from the health department - closed until further notice.

Then this afternoon, we got a recorded message from the school superintendent that they had decided to close down ALL the schools in our district for a minimum of a week.

And I just got three phone calls from different people in my church telling me that AWANA tonight at our church was being canceled. The AWANA comander says he made the decision after hearing three or four people in our AWANA program was sick - some with flu like symptoms.
So far, nobody in our family is sick at all. And we are praying that we remain healthy. But this is getting really worrisome.
Here is a link to some news articles about the swine flu in our area:

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