Sunday, April 19, 2009

AWANA Games and more fishing

We have AWANA at our church and this weekend was AWANA Games... something our kids prepare for all year during club on Sunday nights at church.

AWANA games are kind of like the Olympics for them... only the games are a bit different. There are a few games played with bean bags, others are relay races, a three-legged race and a 4-way tug-of-war.

Joshua participated in a few of the events with his team... one of his events was a relay race. He was the lead runner. His team won 1st place in this race!!!

Joshua was on his ventilator most of the time when he was not doing a race. He was pretty sweatty and his CO2 was high a bit - especially early on in the day. But as his numbers got better, and he loosened up a bit, he was able to stay off the vent for bigger stretches of time without his symptoms being so bad.

We were there for about four hours... because his team did so well (placed first on their circle) that they went on to the finals. Out of the twelve churches represented at AWANA games, our kids got 4th place. That is the best I think I've ever seen them do ~ and I'm so very proud of the kids. They were real team players and acted very well behaved.

After AWANA Games, we decided to go out to the lake and do a little fishing. Last weekend when we went, I had no luck at all - not even a bite. The guys both caught fish (not many, though) last week, so I thought it was my turn this time. And sure enough, I had better luck this week. I caught a nice bass - not quite long enough to keep, I don't think. And I think it was full of eggs - so I wanted to make sure and let it go have more fish for us to catch someday.

And Josh caught a perch, so he was happy, too.... although he was sure hoping to catch a big catfish or bass, too.

James and Josh were sure hoping to get back out to the lake again this afternoon to do some more fishing (especially since James didn't get to catch any fish this weekend - he kept getting hung up on rocks) but we have AWANA tonight at church and don't have quite enough time to go fishing and get back in time for club.

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