Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Swine Flu, Cancellations and Ice Cream

The swine flu forced break from school this week continues with daily reports of closures and increases in numbers of people who have or had it.

Our school district now has 5 confirmed cases. Today, the UIL announced the cancellation of all sporting and academic events until at least May 11th.

We also found out today that the Special Olympics track and field competition Josh was supposed to participate in this Saturday is off. (So, we have a day free this weekend to go fishing)

There are 2 more school districts in our area closing due to the swine flu (or H1N1 flu virus). New Braunfels and Comal ISD are closed until May 11th at least.

Churches are closing, parks are closed, many stores and restaurants in our area are nearly empty.

There was one exception tonight... the Baskin Robbins at the Forum was hopping tonight as they celebrated 31 cent scoop night to benefit firefighters.

Josh and I dropped by and picked up ice cream and looked at the fire trucks after we went to eat dinner at Cici's Pizza - where Steffany started working recently. She does a pretty good job greeting customers and ringing them up and sending them on through the line.

I still think Steffany probably had the flu.. maybe even swine flu, since she had her illness (which was pretty bad) about the same time (Apr 7th-11th)as the other kids in her school who had confirmed cases of swine flu. But luckily, she got over it and has been nice and healthy ever since.

Josh had a bad stomach bug the end of March, but he has been relatively healthy ever since.

We heard today that the hospital where Joshua goes pretty frequently to see his pulmonologist and get some bloodwork done has one confirmed case of swine flu in a child they are treating there. That makes me a bit worried about taking Josh anywhere near there. I know they take so many precations, etc. but I just don't want to think of chancing it.

And I'm worrying about how things will be as we get nearer to June - when Josh is supposed to have surgery for his pacemakers in Houston. I'm praying this flu business is a mere memory by then.

Until next time, remember to wash your hands often so you too can stay healthy!

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