Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break is Over

We are all heading back to school and work today after Spring Break.


Before the break, Josh had been out sick from school some. His doctor put him on antibiotics. Josh finished them up while we were out of town. He says he feels better and his nose isn't running like it was before, but he is still running fevers - especially in the mornings. One morning it was up to 101.3 degrees - the highest he's had in months (maybe years). And he is very sweatty - especially in the mornings. Last night, after Josh got ready for bed and I hooked up his oxygen monitor (before connecting him to the ventilator again) his O2 monitor was alarming. It showed he was down to 83 percent! And his face looked pale. So, I tend to believe his oxygen was low. But, after just a couple of minutes back on the ventilator and with his cuff inflated, his oxygen went back up to 99 percent and stayed up near that all night long. Still, I worry about him. His temp this morning was 100.2 degrees when he woke up.

His school nurse, Maria, is recovering from her surgery on her upper back/neck area done just before Spring Break. She is in a neck brace and looks pretty uncomfortable. But she reports that her pain in her arm is gone. Still, between her aches and pains and her trying to take care of Josh, I worry about her too.

My back pain is a little worse than before Spring Break started. In fact, last night it hurt bad enough for me to take a muscle relaxer pill again. It hurts near my tailbone and all down the back of my right leg. I think I'm gonna have to give up and call my doctor again and set up an MRI. I was hoping I could avoid it, but I sure don't want this getting worse. I'm a bit worried about how bad it will be as I go back to pushing Mrs. Weaver up in bed and getting her positioned on her Barton lift chair. I'll be wearing my back brace, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

So, here (below) are more pictures from over Spring Break (remember, I posted some from our visit with my Grandma Day in the last post). These below are mainly of my nephews and neices, but there are a few of the floor James (and his brother and nephew) put in for his dad and even one of Tom with his brother that Josh took right before we left Odessa on Saturday. Tom's doctors told us 6 months or so ago that they didn't think he would live more than 3 months or so. And here he still is. He has lost alot of weight and is in pain almost constantly, but he doesn't let it keep him from getting up and moving around and visiting with everybody. And he even tried to help the guys as they worked on the floor. We kept telling him to go sit down and let them get it, though.

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