Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family Fitness Fun

Joshua was one of a select few invited to attend a Family Fitness Event today at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. Here is his invitation:

According the the San Antonio Spurs Website, Bruce Bowen
"in the spring of 2004 launched GET FIT with Bruce and Buddy, a comprehensive program aimed toward fighting child obesity in San Antonio … teamed up with H-E-B and the Spurs Foundation to promote healthy living through fitness and nutrition … during the 2004-05 season over 2,000 boys and girls participated in the program"

Registration started at 8AM and the "race" began at 9AM... so we had to get up and get there EARLY for a Saturday morning.

After we arrived, we got to stand around out in the cold (44 degrees) and wind for at least half an hour before much was happening.

Then a couple of girls from a local fitness center were on hand to help warm everybody up with some stretches and lots of jumping jacks. Even the Spurs Coyote and HEB'S Buddy did their stretches... The last stretch was the Coyote's special eyeball stretch where he took his eyes off his face and turned them about. That had everyone in stitches!

Then, the Spurs #12 Bruce Bowen arrived in a special Get Fit green shirt and his knit tobaggon hat (because it was cold out there). He stepped on stage to welcome everyone for coming out.

Then, he, Coyote and HEBuddy went to get into place to walk/run with the kids and families...... and we were off!

After the race, all the kids were treated to fresh fruit from HEB, medals and certificates for completing the race. Then, they drew names for special prizes. Josh's name was not drawn. And he didn't get the chance to actually shake Bruce Bowen's hand, have his picture taken with him or even speak to him, but Bruce did see us as we crossed the finish line, pushing Joshua's ventilator cart. Instead of mentioning anything to do with the ventilator or tubes connecting Joshua to it, he mentioned Josh's dad's hat - a Dallas Cowboy's football hat.

Bruce talked about San Antonio hosting the Cowboy's for training camp. Josh - after hearing that - decided he should have worn his own Dallas Cowboy's hat. We told him that was okay. What was important is that we all went out together and exercised and had fun.

If you'd like to read more about Bruce Bowen, the Spurs and the Family Get Fit event, click here.

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