Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Trip to Grandma Day's

We are in Odessa this week of Spring Break 2009 visiting with family. But since Odessa is MUCH closer to Spur (and Crosbyton) than San Antonio is, we decided it was the best chance we'd get to go see my Grandma Day and some family who live in that area.

James was still busy working at his parents' house and Steffany was making her rounds in Odessa, so Josh and I went and took my folks (after my dad got out of dialysis Wednesday).

We arrived in Spur about 7:30PM Wednesday, making a quick stop at the Dairy Queen there because my dad decided we needed a blizzard treat :)

Even though Grandma Day doesn't live in her house anymore (since she's moved into the nursing home) we went to stay at her house anyway.

Me and Josh at Grandma's house in Spur

Grandma Day's room looks so empty without her in it

pictures of My mom and Aunt Peggy from a LONG time ago hang in Grandma Day's house

Josh and Mama in Grandma Day's kitchen in Spur

the bed where Josh and I slept at Grandma's house this trip (you can see Josh's bedside ventilator in this shot)

Mama fixing up something for Daddy in Grandma Day's kitchen

the wall of Senior Pictures (of all us Grandkids) at Grandma Day's house in Spur

Grandma Day with her friends at the nursing home

Daddy, Mama and Josh at the nursing home visiting Grandma Day

Josh, Grandma Day and Mama

Mama, Grandma Day and me

We only stayed one night, but we got to see my Uncle Tommy, Aunt Peggy, cousin Amy, Amy's kids (Nia and Ian), cousin Becky's kids (Madison, Maci and Leo Tucker), and Uncle Junior. We didn't have the camera handy to get pictures of them all... but we had a wonderful visit with them anyway.

We weren't able to stay long enough to go track down the rest of the family. We wanted to make sure we got to see Grandma at the nursing home. We spent about an hour there with Grandma. Her memory wasn't too great (we knew it wouldn't be) but we had a nice time with her anyway. She showed us her room and we snacked on popcorn with her and her friends.

When we left, she sure did want to walk with us out to my van, but because of her memory issues, she wears an anklet to alert the staff if she tries to walk out the door. So they came and stayed with her as we left. She told us as we walked out to "make sure and come back often... every weekend, okay?" I sure wish we could!

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