Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To School

This week is back to school week here in the Wooten household.

Joshua is a big 5th grader now; and attending Intermediate School. He has a new nurse to go with him. Her name is Maria. Josh gets to ride the bus to and from school with Maria. What does he like best about school so far? Band. Josh is going to be in percussion. He already has his percussion kit which includes a practice pad and a bell set. He can't wait to get started!

Steffany is a Junior in High School this year. A big change for her is that she dropped out of ROTC and joined the school's new orchestra class. Steffany already played violin in our church orchestra. But at school, she's trying to decide between continuing with her violin or to learn the cello. It's a tough choice for her, but I'm sure she'll do great with either one. What does she like least so far about school? Not being allowed to go off campus with her friends for lunch. Her dad doesn't want to let her do that yet because we had some trust issues with her over the summer. I'm sure she will have her dad convinced before too long. Until then, maybe she can butter him up real good :)

My sister, Amanda (who is living with us too right now) is starting her last semester in college. She is majoring in finance. She tells me all of her classes this semester will have final presentations instead of final exams. Amanda is really looking forward to graduation in December. And she is making some big plans for January, including a new job with a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider, getting an apartment and getting engaged!

Me - I'm not in school right now - but I AM thinking of going back to take some college classes. I'd like to become a respiratory therapist. I already take care of an elderly woman whose osteo arthritis broke down the cartilage in her neck so bad that she had to get a trach to keep her airway open enough to breathe. And taking care of Joshua with his ventilator, trach, pulsoximeter machine, end tidal CO2 monitor and suction machine have given me lots of practical experience perfect for a respiratory therapist. I am applying for entrance to a local college and checking for financial aid opportunities. If I get in and get help paying for it, I will probably start classes either this winter or next spring. I'll keep you all posted!

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Amy Tagle said...

I am so glad you decided to do a blog. I like the clean layout much better than MySpace. I will be checking in on you. AMANDA!!! Engaged??? What's this? I want pictures. Love you!

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