Friday, January 29, 2010

Hospital Pictures

various pictures from Joshua's time in the hospital (so far)

Sunday, Jan 24th 3PM
Josh in Emergency Room
(he had swine/H1N1 flu & double pneumonia
we just didn't know it yet)

Monday, Jan 25th 12:36PM
Josh napping in his hospital bed
(he'd had 2 shots of rocephin antibiotic and a tamiflu
at this point & was waiting to have a PICC line inserted)

Monday, Jan 25th 11:25PM
Josh showing his PICC line placed in his right arm
(he couldn't eat or drink much all day
in preparation for this procedure)

Monday, Jan 25th
Josh and Mom about to go to sleep

Tuesday, Jan 26th (mom's birthday) 3:43PM
Josh started on IPV breathing treatments

Wednesday, January 27th 11:52AM
Josh injected with radioactive solution in preparation for special heat to toe CT scans to look for possible neural crest tumors - Josh was asleep when the technician came to do the injection and never even knew it had happened until I showed him the picture later
Thursday, Jan 28th 10:52AM
It was rainy outside the hospital room window

Thursday, Jan 28th 12:25PM
Josh in the CT scanner in nuclear medicine
sublevel 2 of Methodist Children's Hospital
(searching for tumors that produce hormones)
Thursday, Jan 28th, 12:26PM
Thursday, Jan 28th 12:33pm

Thursday, Jan 28th 12:34PM

Thursday, Jan 28th 12:40PM

Thursday, Jan 28th 12:49PM
Thursday, Jan 28th 4:40PM
Josh works on homework in his hospital bed

Thursday, Jan 28th 10:39PM
we hung up posters Josh's classmates
and teachers made for him - AWESOME!
Thursday, Jan 28th 10:41PM
Josh showing off a card he got from school
Thursday, Jan 28th 10:41PM
Josh really liked this card
(he liked them all but wanted me to take a picture of this one)

Thursday, Jan 28th 10:42PM
school nurse, Adriana drops by for a visit
(she delivered the cards & posters from school)

****FRIDAY, Jan 29th WAS CHAOS DAY*******
there was a fire in the bathroom a few doors down the hall from our hospital room and we got evacuated around 7AM
Josh went for an identical scan to the one a day before
about Noon (I was still in my PJs for it because my clothes were left in our room when we evacuated)
We spent the majority of the day in a room in the ER
(no private bathroom there so made it difficult for us to go when we needed to - especially for Josh on a ventilator and attached to an oxygen tank when he left his bed)

We got back to our room about 4PM
Not much else happened other than getting settled back
and resting up from the craziness
Saturday, Jan 30th 2:19PM
Steffany & Bryan brought baby Logan by the hospital so I could see him.
I told them to keep him in the truck and I'd come down (don't want to check getting him sick) This was the day we learned officially Josh had swine/H1N1 flu
Saturday, Jan 30th 5:07PM
Josh waited all day to go get this chest XRay done
the technician let me take a picture of the xray on her computer screen
(the bottoms of both lungs look white to me - which would be bad - but Dr. Morse - a lung doctor - says they look much better than his from earlier in the week. She was very happy with this xray)

Sunday, Jan 31st 11:47AM
Josh on his pacers & not the ventilator or oxygen
for the first time since we've been in the hospital
(lasted about an hour then he started getting too tired & he started de-satting again)
Sunday, Jan 31st 4:38PM
Josh eating an early dinner after getting all cleaned up
I think he's starting to feel much better
Sunday, Jan 31st 5:02PM
Josh getting another IPV breathing treatment
the machine that gives it is there just behind his head
Sunday, Jan 31st
James forwarded me this picture Steff emailed to him
this late afternoon of Logan... she thinks he looks like a "little gangsta" because of the way his clothes fit him and because he had his hands up to his face.... I say he's a little angel :)

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