Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grandson is born!

January 21, 2010

Steffany was in labor since about 6pm Thursday the 21st. She and Bryan stayed the night with his father and step-mother, who took them to 2 hospitals over night, just to be sent back home. Steffany was only dilated to 1 cm and the doctors did not feel she was ready to be admitted to the hospital yet.

January 22, 2010

Steffany's step-mother-in-law, Stacy phoned me around 7:30am to give me an update: Steff still having contractions and had not slept at all overnight. I got ready and went to be with them.

Steffany's contractions were about every 4 minutes until around 11am, when she also became nauseous and vomited. I only mention this because it was a signal to call the doctor. He gave us permission then to return her to the hospital.

Bryan rode with his dad and I rode with Stacy and Steffany. We arrived at St. Luke Baptist Hospital around Noon. Steffany was taken into Triage and we all had to wait outside for her.

By 1PM, we were with Steffany in Triage and she was given IV medications, which finally allowed her to sleep.

About 45 minutes to an hour later, Steffany was moved to the Labor and Delivery Room (#11) where she would continue having contractions all afternoon. Luckily, she was pretty heavily medicated at this point.

There in the Labor and Delivery Room, several of us waited with her:
Bryan, his mother Brenda, his grandmother Katherine, his step-mother, Stacy, friend Alisha and me.

Bryan was very good with Steff during her labor, almost constantly there holding her hand and being supportive.

Around 4:20pm, Steffany's water broke (this happened while Bryan was in the room alone with Steffany so he told us all about it when we got back in the room). Her IV meds wore off soon afterwards. She was in ALOT of pain now!

By 5pm, Steffany had an epidural and slept some more.

After a nap, she was finally awake and talking to us around 6pm.

Dad James, brother Josh and his nurse Nancy arrived around 6pm, too.

Steffany was still only dilated to about 5 cm. They said it would be a while, so we went to go eat in the Hospital Cafeteria.

Just as we were discussing plans to go get my phone charger and pick up my van from Tom & Stacy's house, the doctor came in and said Steffany needed a C Section. She had been running a low grade fever all day and the baby's heart rate was getting a little lower than they'd like. Also, Steffany was still not progressing (not further dilating). They were worried about infection, etc. So since she would go into surgery in the next few minutes, we decided we weren't going anywhere!

We took a few pics before they wheeled Steffany out of the room for surgery.

Bryan went in with Steffany during the C section.

The rest of us waited in her labor and delivery room.

About an hour later, they finally wheeled Steffany and baby Logan back into the room. But, they quickly kicked us out so they could get Steff hooked back up to everything in her room. Here are some pictures Bryan took in the surgery room and shared with us on his laptop computer when we were finally allowed to come back in and officially meet Logan:

Logan Wyatt Boyd was born at 8:24PM. He officially weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 inches long.

We were only allowed in 2 at a time, and we pretty much all got pictures with Logan, but not all with the same camera and we haven't had a chance to get all the pictures swapped. These are just a few of the ones I got with my camera:

Tom with his new grandson

Stacy with her new grandson (she had stayed up all night with Steffany then all day with us, too)

My sister, Amanda is Logan's Great-Aunt :)

Josh's nurse, Nancy was ear-to-ear smiles to get her turn to see the little bundle of joy, too!

Just before we left so the new family could get some sleep, I took these pictures of Steffany holding Logan. She was about to learn to breast feed him for the very first time.

January 23, 2010

Almost a whole day after Logan was born, James and I were finally able to get back over to the hospital to check in on him and his parents. Josh was not doing too well with his oxygen and CO2 and I was afraid to try and take him anywhere. He was just needing oxygen too badly. Luckily, Nurse Nancy came to the rescue and agreed to sit with him for a while so we could go visit and have dinner. Below are some pictures we took from the visit:

I got to change Logan's diaper (even though he really didn't need it). It gave me a chance to get a real look at him without him being all bundled up.

You can tell James and I are some proud grandparents and my sister, Amanda is loving being a great-aunt!

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Amy Tagle said...

how exciting!! he is adorable! I am so excited for you. Congratulations!

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