Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Josh Doctor Visit Results

Josh got some bad news on Tuesday. He is officially obese.
We went to his endocrinologist - who manages his growth hormones, etc.
This doctor always checks his height, weight and body mass index.

Joshua's Height - 58.1 inches (that is 4 ft 10.1 inches)
Notice on the chart below, when this doctor first started
keeping track, Joshua just turned 9 years old and was only
48 inches tall (4 foot). He has grown 10.1 inches in 3 years!

But his weight isn't such great news.
Joshua weighs 150 pounds.
Notice on the chart below, when he
was 9, he weighed about 75 pounds.
That's an increase of 75 pounds in 3 years!

Which brings us to Body Mass Index.
Look at the scale below on this one.
At age 9, Joshua's BMI was above the
max on this scale - but just by a fairly
small amount. Now, he is headed
off the page! Way out of control!

The doctor increased Joshua's growth
hormone dosage and wants Joshua
to exercise, exercise, exercise. And
of course, eat much less. So, we are
going to get agressive with diet.
Small portions, low calorie and low fat.
Goodbye breads, potatoes and creams!

Would you like to calculate YOUR Body Mass Index?

You can do it at this website:

We leave you today with a short clip of Joshua practicing his bells.
Have a great day!

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