Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Certified!

I am now officially a Certified Respiratory Therapist.

I took my certification exam and passed this morning, Aug 7th.

I plan to schedule my exams required to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist next week.
There are 2 exams I have to take for that - the Written RRT and the Clinical Simulation Exam.

Once those exams are complete, I should be fully qualified to be hired on with most any hospital in my area.

The last day of Respiratory School was Thursday, August 1st.

Actually, we didn't even go to the campus on that day.
Instead, we were honored with a mini-graduation ceremony and luncheon
at the Downtown Baptist Hospital.  Here are some pictures taken at the event:

Mr Carpenter & Zeena H
Mr Fisher and Mr Dickmann
Charlotte M & Zeena H

Billy T, Eduardo F& Joel P
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Kristen M & Zeena H
all the girls in the class

all the boys in the class
Joel P & Zeena H
Sophia A, Erica C, Michelle S & Erica L
Kristen V, Joel P & me
Shekinah B, Keisha B & Zeena H

 There were 23 of us in my class who completed the Respiratory Therapy Program at St. Philip's College this year. 

Here we are below back in May, when we were wishing one of our instructors a happy retirement:


 At our ceremony, Aug 1st....each of us was awarded with a certificate and a small token of appreciation from the Respiratory Club. Here is a picture of mine:

Then, the director of our program, Mr. Bruce Fisher, announced the 6 students in the class (the top 25%) who earned the highest grade point averages. Each was awarded with an honors cord (even though we were not in caps or gowns yet)...

      And guess who had the highest GPA of the group????     

                                 I did!!! 

I thought for sure there were a couple of others who had gotten better grades than me, so I was totally blown away!!!

They awarded me the honors cord plug a beautiful plaque!!

The night of August 1st, our class got together to celebrate our achievement.  Many of us also had our family/friends with us for this party.  Below are some pictures and even some videos of the event:


Josh even got up and danced... Nurse Nancy was there to video tape him... see:

Oh,  I also got my temporary license from the state...It came in the mail August 1st!!!

 And my sister got me a new stethoscope... with my name engraved on it!  Cool, huh?

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