Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Birthday, Pseudomonas & Growth Hormone Issues and Oh, Snow in San Antonio!

Wednesday, JAN 26th

It's my birthday, but I was so busy, I almost didn't notice... I worked all day, went to school that evening

My husband, James, brought me flowers and a card for my birthday

and I received a few other gifts from friends, family and co-workers

we celebrated a day early Tuesday, JAN 25th
at The Melting Pot for some yummy chocolate fondue!!!!

check out that flame (this is the Flaming Turtle)

I highly recommend the Flaming Turtle!!!!
make sure you try it with the rice krispy treats! YUMMY!

the birthday girl, ME!

my son, Josh

my sister, Amanda

Josh's nurse, Nancy

Thursday, JAN 27th

Josh was coughing up yucky, chunky, dark secretions from his trach... his nose was a constant runny thing... a little worried, but sent him to school

then his temperature starting rising...

his school nurse called me to pick him up...
and I made him an appointment within the hour to see a doctor with his pediatrician's group

strep - negative
flu - negative
sputum culture - results in a few days

in the meantime, another oral antibiotic just in case

that evening, we celebrated my birthday week a bit more with a Strawberry Banana Split cake made by my sister

Friday, JAN 28th

kept Josh home from school after he had a really rough night, had to be suctioned several times

his temp went up even more - too 100.5 (his base temp is often 96-97)

secretions still increased and yucky, but getting a little better

needed a little oxygen to help keep his O2 sats up overnight, but otherwise ok

OH... Josh ran out of growth hormones tonight!
there was some issue with our new insurance trying to get them approved....
waiting for the specialty pharmacy that handles growth hormones to get the official denial from our insurance company and then to send that to Texas Medicaid to see if they will approve paying the entire cost so Josh can get his shipment that should have been here days ago. :(


Josh seemed well enough to return to school

heard the doctor called with sputum culture results as I was headed to my evening class... left message for me to call the next day


Doctor says Josh the culture from his trach grew Pseudomona...
that can be bad... probably turned his secretions dark and stinky....
if current antibiotic does not seem to completely clear him up, he may need to be admitted to
hospital to get IV antibiotics!!! NOT good news

Here is some info I found on pseudomonas:

''Pseudomona'' literally means 'false unit', from the Greek pseudo ('false') and mona ('a single unit').

They are gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria. They love water, soil and plants. They often cause a fluorescent, yellow-green, stinky secretion. They are also commonly the cause of urinary tract infections. Being Gram-negative bacteria, most Pseudomonas are resistant to penicillin and similar antibiotics, but a number are sensitive to antibiotics such as tobramycin, gentamycin and ciprofloxacin.

You can learn much more about this yucky bug here:

meanwhile, the weather turned COLD this afternoon.... expected to just get worse over the next few days... Yay!

Monday, I wore a sleeveless blouse and flip flops to school.
Now we are pulling out our big coats and gloves ....
I hope this doesn't cause Josh any more health troubles


It's 20 degrees out with wind chill of 4!! Snow in the forecast!! but so far it's been dry and windy

And Josh seems to be doing a little better every day... crossing our fingers he'll stay out of the hospital!

unfortunately no progress reported on the growth hormones, though :(

I had my first test in my Anatomy and Physiology II class tonight.
The subject was the heart and blood.

Found out later I made a 97% on the Lecture portion and a 98% on the Lab.
YAY... it was worth getting out in the frigid temps to go take these tests!


Snow Day!!!!! Late last night, the city of San Antonio closed all its highways because of ice. Then, while we were all sleeping, it started to snow.

We got a call with a recorded message at 5AM from Josh's school district saying all classes were canceled. That also meant my work was closed. So, we got to sleep in.

When we finally got up... this is what we saw out front:

It wasn't alot of snow, but any on the ground in San Antonio is amazing!

Josh had to go see this "amazing" occurrence for himself.

Below is a news report with an aerial view of the snow and closed highways in San Antonio:

The snow was all melted off by the afternoon, which was good so people could get out and about again!

Oh, still no word on when Josh will be getting more growth hormone. I worry what that will mean for him. It has been more than a week off the hormone that he has been getting injections for for the last 4 years.

But, Josh seems to have kicked to pseudomona... his temp is back down to normal... his secretions are nice and clear and a little less in the amount, too. And today's temp outside is going back up to the 60's. So, hopefully nothing will creep back in now.

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