Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm a student again


You may have noticed I haven't had as many posts lately here on the blog. That is because I have been even more busy than usual - I'm back in college.

This semester, besides working nearly full time at a local daycare and keeping up with the bills, laundry, dishes, trash, etc. at home, I am also taking two of my pre-requisite classes I need to get into the respiratory program at St. Phillips College next fall.

I am taking College Algebra and Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Since I have not seen the inside of a college classroom in 15 years, I am really having to put my nose to the grindstone to master this material. But I think I am doing pretty well. I have made 100's on my math quizzes and on my first lecture and lab exam in A&P, I made a 101 on each! I took my first math exam on Thursday, but have not seen my grade on it, yet. I do know I missed at least one of the 17 problems on the test because it dealt with something that we did not specifically cover in that class, but something that we should have remembered about graphing from a previous math course (which I had not taken since high school).

Here are some of the interesting things I'm learning about in my classes so far:

And here are some of the subjects we've covered in Anatomy & Physiology:

Words used to describe body areas and position, etc.

Body Cavities (areas in the body where different organs go)


and now we are working on the skeletal system


vertebra (spine)

ribs & sternum




I have a big exam on all the bones coming up Wednesday, Oct. 6th. Wish me luck!

I really enjoy taking Anatomy & Physiology because I can use what I'm learning as I study on the medical problems Josh has with his ROHHAD. I learn the medical terminology and functions more specifically. I'm all for learning as much as I can to help Josh and others with this crazy disorder.

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