Sunday, April 11, 2010

Morgan's Wonderland Grand Opening

We are fortunate enough to live very near an awesome first-of-its-kind theme park for children of all ages with special needs.

Saturday, April 10th marked the park's grand opening ceremony.

We were there to experience it and get our first look at the park.

Check out this 2 part special report about Morgan's Wonderland by a local news station, KSAT 12

About ten thousand other folks were there for the grand opening along with us.

Some of those who participated in the opening ceremonies were Actress and wife of Spurs Basketball player Tony Parker - Eva Longoria-Parker, and former Spurs Basketball great David Robinson.

The park opened its gates to all us visitors at 6pm.
Before that, we lined up in front of the main visitor's center.

Some Star Wars Characters were there, too.

Darth Vadar even posed with Josh for this picture:

One of the first things we checked out in the park was a off-road adventure ride.
Here was Josh waiting in line to get on the ride (see the jeep cars behind him. They are loading a guest who is in a wheelchair into that one).

Josh insisted he wanted to be in the driver's seat.

And still, we all rode with him :)
we made it to the finish line :)
Josh tested out the remote control pirate ships

and the water canons

and before we headed out,
we played in the water works area

the lines were very long (with all those people there) to ride the train or check out some of the other great features. So, we are planning to sign up for a return visit, when the park will be a little less crowded.

The great thing is, it does not cost anything for Josh to go to the park (because he has special needs) and it should only cost those of us accompanying him $5 each.

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Alison said...

I have seen information on this wonderful place and it looks like a dream to visit. I envy you being so close to it!

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